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A 5 Step Guide To Buying The Best Beer Growler

When it comes to keeping your beer chilled, there’s hardly a device as efficient and handy as a growler. A growler can be best defined as an air tight container that is particularly designed to keep your beer/cold brews perfectly chilled, irrespective of the weather condition. They are available in glass, ceramic and stainless steel variants and they come incredibly handy when you’re planning to head outside with your beer. Most of these growlers are not just lightweight and well-insulated but they also have a carrying capacity of ranging from 16-70 oz. This means you can easily keep around 2 liters of your favorite beer chilled and fizzy for several days down the line.

That being said, choosing a premium grade growler can be pretty challenging. And that is exactly why we’ve come up with this detailed guide enumerating the features, benefits and uses of a good quality growler. Read our 5 step guide to buy the best beer growler;

A) Read our Review Of The Best 5 Beer Growlers

1. G Francis Beer Growler

Are you looking to carry your favorite homebrew every time you head outside? If your answer is yes, the G Francis Stainless Steel Growler is exactly what you need. This nifty little growler will accommodate two whole liters of your favorite drink, and keep it perfectly cool despite the scorching heat of the summer sun. Backed by an in-built carrying handle, this growler features a sleek, compact build that makes it easier for you to carry it. There’s also a swing top cap that is designed to retain the freshness of your favorite brew.

Crafted from high quality stainless steel, this growler is completely resistant to any tarnishing or rust. To put it simply- it’ll stay as good as new, several years down the line. And that’s not all! Probably the defining point of this growler is the fact that it is BPA free, which means your brew will be perfectly protected from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. So if you’re looking to grab a glass of your favorite cold beverage irrespective of the heat or your location- the G Francis Stainless Steel Brewer is probably one of the best products to bank on.


  • Sleek, compact and lightweight.
  • Stainless steel preserves the temperature of your cold brew.
  • Crafted from BPA free materials.
  • Swing top cap perfectly seals your drink.


  • Not as durable as many of its pricey competitors.

2. Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler

The Stanley Vacuum Growler is a perfect tool for anyone who’s looking to drink a glass of chilled beer irrespective of the weather conditions. The device comes with solid insulation that’ll not just cool your beer, but will also retain the temperature of any other cold brew for full 24 hours. So no matter wherever you go, you’ll always have your chilled beer right by your side.

While the device comes with quite a number of features, we were particularly impressed with the strong handle that makes it easier for you to carry the growler and pour in your drinks more flexibly. Cleaning this device is equally simple. Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler is dishwasher safe and it comes with an inner steel lid that can be cleaned in a jiffy. This lid also ensures that your mix/brew retains its original taste. So if you’re looking to splurge in a premium grade growler; this product from Stanley will surely make the cut.


  • Being vacuum insulated, this growler will keep your drinks cool.
  • Features a strong handle, which makes the device easy to carry.
  • Can be cleaned in your regular dishwasher.
  • Comes with a BPA free inner lid.
  • Thermally efficient.
  • Incredibly rugged and durable.


  • Some users have reported stress lines on the products.

3. Stonfire Ceramic Beer Growler

If you’re a beer enthusiast who’s looking for a sleek and edgy growler- this Ceramic Growler from Stonfire will surely make a statement. Unlike similar products that are either made from glass or plastic, this beer growler is crafted from the best grade of ceramic which doesn’t just offer you cool beer, but also protects it from the harmful sun rays.

Also, since it’s made from the best grade of ceramic, you won’t really get a weird metallic taste like other growlers. At 4.4 pounds it is pretty light weight, and being dishwasher safe, it’ll be even easier to clean it up. Most of the users who’ve already bought the device have lauded it for its efficiency and compact frame. So if you’re looking to invest in a high quality, lightweight and incredibly feature-rich growler- this is one product that’ll never disappoint you.


  • Sleek and compact frame.
  • Being lightweight, it’s pretty easy to carry around.
  • Made from high quality ceramic.
  • Doesn’t exude a weird metallic taste.
  • Easy to maintain and easier to clean.
  • Lasts for a long time.


  • Susceptible to damage on rough use.

4. uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler

Designed for storing draft beer, uKeg’s pressurized growler is one of the best devices from the brand. This growler keeps your beer fresh, chilled and perfectly carbonated anywhere and everywhere. It’ll retain the flavor of your beer and render a perfect brewery punch till the very last pint. In fact, when you start using this growler, it’ll almost seem like your beer has been directly poured from the refrigerator itself.

Made from vacuum insulated stainless steel, this growler doesn’t just chill your beer, but it also ensures that your brew is tasty and fizzy. This is further aided by the variable pressure regulation cap which maintains the carbonation and helps in retaining the flavor. In addition to this, uKeg’s Pressurized growler also features a quick-tap action that pours your beer without having you to remove the cap. The product comes with a one-year warranty, and going by its features and structure, it definitely seems like an excellent product for beer enthusiasts across the globe.


  • Retains the freshness and carbonation of your beer for as long as two weeks.
  • Stainless steel insulation keeps your beer perfectly chilled, all way round.
  • Pressure regulation cap retains the carbonation.
  • Tap-lock lets you pour the beer without having to open the cap.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.


  • A bit on the pricey edge.

5. Amber 2 liter Growler with Metal Handle

This 2 liter growler from Amber is a sleek, compact and incredibly lightweight device that is designed to keep your chilled beer handy. Since the product is imported from Germany you can always count on it in terms of quality, and going by the reviews, it totally seems to make the cut. With a ceramic lid and a strong gasket, this growler works the same way as your EZ-cap bottles.  Also, like most of the other devices featured on this list, this one too comes with a strong metal handle that makes it easier for you to carry it around.

So next time you’re heading for a concert or some event, you wouldn’t have to carry a kegging equipment since this growler itself would suffice. Going by its features, appearance and reviews, we’d definitely recommend this 2 liter growler for beer enthusiasts who are looking to keep their home brewed drinks perfectly chilled.


  • Strong, durable and well-insulated.
  • Keeps your beer chilled for several hours.
  • Comes with a solid carrying handle.
  • Easy-to-open lid.
  • Comes with a carrying capacity of 2 liters.


  • Cleaning this growler can take up some time.

B) Select the right type of beer growler

Like I already mentioned, growlers can be categorized in three variants; glass, ceramic and stainless steel. Here’s a complete scoop on each of these different types.

Glass Beer Growler

This is probably the most common growler on this list. You’ll find these glass growlers in almost every brewery, beer festival and local beer outlets. While they don’t boast an excellent carrying capacity or super-powerful insulation, they’re still pretty popular because of their long-standing affordability. These glass variants can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a budget growler. Although they’re not as strong or durable as their stainless steel/ceramic counterparts, they’ll definitely meet your basic requirement of transport and storage.

Ceramic Beer Growler

This is the more fancier among the three. While ceramic growlers tend to be a little costly, they have a solid build and are usually very compact. The growlers that fall under this category block a significant amount of heat and UV rays from affecting/impacting the taste and temperature of your beer. Due to this reason, many people choose the ceramic variants over the glass ones. Ceramic growlers are incredibly stylish, and you’ll have thousands of options to pick from. In addition to this, they also happen to be a tad bit stronger than the glass growlers.

Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Stainless Steel Growlers are the more popular and useful among the three. Many people settle for them since they are sturdier and way more protective than their glass or ceramic counterparts. Also, since they are made from stainless steel, your brewed mixes get proper and consistent insulation all way round. Most of the premium grade stainless steel growlers are totally resistant to light and heat. Likewise, they are also able to stand the scorching heat for a longer time than the other variants. Stainless Steel growlers are a perfect option for anyone who’s looking to carry their drinks while they are hiking, heading for a camp or traveling.

C) Find What Accessories You Need

Your growler is absolutely incomplete without the right set of accessories. In case you’re wondering what they are, here’s a quick sneak peek.

Growler carrying bag

A carrying bag is one of the most essential accessories of your growler. Not only does it protect your growler, but it also makes it easier for you to carry it around. So if you’re planning to take your growler to trips and hiking adventures, make sure your device comes with a proper carrying bag.

Keg cap accessory kit

This is yet another important accessory that helps you pour your beer better. Yes! This accessory kit is devised to convert your regular growler to a personal keg which is made even more convenient with its in-built pour sprout. While most growlers don’t really come with this accessory kit, you can always get one to add an extra edge to your growler.

CO2 cartridges

CO2 cartridges play a major role in retaining the flavor of your beer. When you have this cartridge, your beer wouldn’t taste flat anymore; rather, it’d be delicious and fizzy till the very last drop.

Beer glasses

It goes without saying that the beer glasses are designed to help you drink tad more conveniently. Like most of the accessories listed here, this one too isn’t included in your growler. But you can always get an extra beer glass to add some style to your drinking session.

Cleaning tablets

Nobody wants to drink their beer from a dirty and foul smelling growler. And this is exactly where the cleaning tablets come to play. These tablets clean up your growlers in a jiffy and keep them spick and span for a long time.

Cleaning brush

A good cleaning brush will help you to clean every single corner of your growler. It will retain the freshness of your beer and will come really handy when you haven’t cleaned the device in a long time.

D) Decide What Features You Really Want

Are you looking to buy the best beer growler with the coolest range of features? If your answer is yes, here’s a complete buying guide that’ll help you filter your options and choose the very best product from the entire lot.


This is one of the biggest determinants of a good, premium quality growler. When you’re looking to buy a growler it’s really important to check its capacity. Ideally growlers can hold around 16 to 67 ounces of beer. This means, you can always carry 5 twelve-ounce beers or four pints of beer in your growler (depending on its capacity). While 64 ounce would be an ideal size, you can always settle for the bigger variants if you have to travel for long and need more beer over the time.


Like I already said, growlers are available in stainless steel, ceramic and glass variants. While glass growlers are the cheapest, we wouldn’t recommend you to get them since they are prone to damage and difficult to carry around. Ceramic growlers can be a good option if you’re looking for something incredibly stylish and reasonably useful. That being said, stainless steel growlers are the undisputed winners here. Most of them feature an excellent build, a solid carrying capacity and they also keep your beer perfectly cool over an extensive period of time. So make your pick wisely!


Your beer growler is absolutely of no use, if it doesn’t come with proper insulation. This insulation protects your beer irrespective of the temperature outside. To put it simply, it’ll keep your beer perfectly chilled even if it’s unbelievably hot outside. Usually the stainless steel variants come with the best insulation, although the ceramic ones aren’t that bad either. When you check the insulation of your growler, always make sure that it is double walled. This will not just protect your cold brews but also assist in retaining their original taste.


No matter how pretty your growler is, it’ll never server your purpose if it doesn’t have enough room for portability. By portability, I’m not just indicating the weight but also the carrying handle of your device. While choosing your beer growler, it is really important to look out for a proper handle. A strong handle with proper, ergonomic grip will help you carry the growler easily and tad more comfortably. In addition to this, also check the weight of your device. Ideally, lightweight growlers range between 1 to 4 pounds.

Design and Looks

This yet another defining factor of a good quality growler. While choosing your growler, make sure it looks sleek and compact. While glass growlers are the prettiest, we’d ask you to skip them since they’re not as reliable as the ceramic or the stainless steel ones. You can find sleek ceramic growlers with a good set of features. Additionally, there are also a couple of stainless steel growlers that manage to make the cut with their stylish shape and sturdy carrying handle.

E) Get your Questions Answered

Q: What are the standard growler sizes?

A: Growlers are usually available between 64 Oz (medium) and 67-70 oz (large). You can always choose your preferred growler according to your specific needs.

Q: What is a pressurized growler?

A: Pressurized growlers are the ones that come with a pressure tap, which in turn helps you to gauge the current pressure in your growler. These growlers are pretty popular as they automatically regulate the pressure for optimally carbonating your beer. Here, you also get an option to choose your desired level of carbonation.  

Q: How long does beer last in a growler?

A: If your growler is perfectly sealed and if it remains chilled and completely unopened, your beer can stay fresh for at least three days or more. That being said, it is really important for your growler to have a filling system that’ll automatically inject the Co2 within the growler. Once you open it, your beet will stay fresh for at least 36 hours before it turns out to be flat.

Q: How to clean my growler?

A: In order to clean your growler, you’ll have to immediately rinse it after pouring the last drop of your beer. Ideally, we’d recommend you to clean the growler with hot water, a couple of cleaning tablets and a cleaning brush. However, if you’re traveling and you don’t have the necessary equipments, only hot water will suffice. Once the growler is clean, rinse it dry and keep it inverted on a dish drainer. When both your growler and its cap are absolutely dry, put its cap on.

Q: How to maintain my growler?

A: You should always treat this growler the same way you’d treat your can of beer. If you’re not traveling, keep it in your fridge and try your best to avoid excessively hot/cold temperatures.

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Benefits of buying a beer growler
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