Best Glass Beer Growlers

Glass growlers are ideal for people who are just starting out with making, fermenting and storing craft beer. They are inexpensive, and you’ll find them in almost every brewery and wine shop. These growlers also come with a timeless appeal and they’d serve as an excellent accent in your homes. So whether you’re looking to enjoy beer alone, or share it with your buddies, these growlers are pretty decent for both the jobs.

Top 5 Beer Growlers & Their Reviews

My list of best beer growlers is;

  1. True Fabrications Amber Howler Growler
  2. Euro Growler’s Two Liter Growlers
  3. Sally’s Organics Two Pack Growlers
  4. Cornucopia 32 Ounce Beer Growler
  5. True Fabrications’ 1/2 Gallon Glass Growlers

1. True Fabrications Amber Howler Growler

This Amber Howler Growler is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a classy piece with decent functions. With its amber tinge, this growler looks elegant to say the least. You can carry it almost anywhere or simply keep it as a centre piece to pep up the aesthetics. Crafted from high quality glass, this growler is also reusable. On top of that, it protects your beer from the harmful UV rays thereby keeping it cool and aerated.

A nifty tool for home brewers, True fabrications’ Glass Beer Growler stands around 11 inches high and can hold almost 64 fluid ounces. So if you’re looking for a perfect combination of great features and good looks- this is one of the best growlers to bank on.


  • Made from sturdy, high-quality glass.
  • Comes with a sophisticated amber tinge.
  • Protects your beverage from the harmful UV rays.
  • Boasts a decent height of 11 inches.
  • Easy to clean and preserve.


  • The screw tops can be a little more airtight.

2. Euro Growler’s Two Liter Growlers

Can you ever go wrong with a growler that’s imported from Germany? Well, this is just one among the many reasons why you need to splurge on this product. To begin with, the growler looks impeccably pretty with its slender neck and amber tinged body. But it doesn’t just rank high in looks. With a sturdy metal handle, and swing top ceramic lid- the features too, are pretty impressive. I loved this handle for its awesome grip and hassle-free carrying capacity.

This is ideal for people who are simply looking to bring their keg at some party or event. At 13 inches, the height is pretty good and with a 4.6 rating on Amazon, this growler, surely seems to be a crowd pleaser.


  • Looks pretty sleek.
  • Comes with a ceramic lid and a gasket.
  • Backed by a sturdy metal handle.
  • Dons a pretty decent height of 13 inches.


  • The size can be slightly unwieldy for some customers.

3. Sally’s Organics Two Pack Growlers

If you’re looking for a set of elegant, lead free growlers, this piece from Sally’s Organics is exactly the product you need. Available in quart sized variants, these glass growlers are the perfect for making, storing and fermenting your home-brewed beverages. I was also impressed by the fact that they are BPA free and come with rust-resistant caps. These caps make it easier for you to customize the growler just the way you want.

In terms of capacity too, this growler doesn’t disappoint. Available in a set of two, each growler can carry about 32 ounces of liquid. So whether it’s beer, coffee or homemade apple juice- you can always count on this device for consistent and well-maintained temperatures. It goes without saying that since they’re available in glass, getting these growlers directly translates to sustainable living. The product also comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee further assuring you about the durability.


  • Elegant and lead free.
  • Available in a set of two.
  • Comes with a carrying capacity of 32 ounces.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Backed by 100% lifetime guarantee.


  • Since the spout is small, cleaning the growlers can be slightly time-consuming.

4. Cornucopia 32 Ounce Beer Growler

Like True Fabrications, this is yet another amber tinged growler to make it to our list. Available in a pack of four, these growlers are chic, sophisticated and perfect accessory for your homes. You’d also find six small phenolic sealed plastic caps for tightly fastening the mouth. Yes, you get two extra caps, in case you lose or damage any. Interestingly, the caps also come with inner cone designs for air-tight seal. The growler is ideal for storing and fermenting water Kefir, kombucha and every other variant of your favorite craft beer. With 32 Oz capacity, they can hold around one liters of beer, and the jar mouth is wide enough for easily accessing or pouring the liquid.

It goes without mention that the products are backed by an UV protection feature that prevents ultra violet light from penetrating the bottle, regardless of the temperature. The amber glass is particularly handy in this regard. The overall features seem pretty good and we’d definitely recommend this for craft beer enthusiasts.


  • Comes in a value-pack of six.
  • Amber tinge protects your liquid from harmful UV rays.
  • Looks classy and elegant.
  • Comes with six phenolic plastic caps.
  • The mouth of the growler is pretty wide.


  • Since they’re pretty large, you might experience minor difficulties while pouring from the growlers.

5. True Fabrications’ 1/2 Gallon Glass Growlers

This is yet another excellent piece from True Fabrications that managed to make it on our list for its awesome features and unbelievable durability. The growler can hold around 65 oz of your favorite beer, and keep it chilled regardless of the location or the weather. The screw top prevents extra leakage, and the twelve extra poly seal caps are incredibly handy for clumsy people like me who tend to lose caps. 

The growler is also pretty durable and with a 10” height, they’re perfect for your home brews.


  • Available in a set of six.
  • Comes with a carrying capacity of 65 oz.
  • Backed by twelve extra caps.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Have a decent height of 10 inches.


  • At 12 pounds, they tend to be slightly heavy.

Pros and Cons of Buying Glass Growlers


  • Available in quirky designs and many different tinges.
  • You can always pick from clear or amber glass.
  • Since they’re transparent, you can see the contents of the growler from outside. This is particularly viable while filling the beer.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.


  • Require a lot of care and attention.
  • Beer in clear glass growlers might go stale if they’re exposed to powerful sunrays.

Glass Growlers Vs. Vacuum Insulated Growlers

While vacuum insulated growlers are backed by a powerful technology to keep your beer chilled, they’re way more expensive than the glass variants. The glass growlers, on the other hand, are decent enough for regular use and they also serve as an excellent center piece in your homes. Unlike vacuum insulated growlers, glass growlers are ideal for people who are looking to make and store craft beer.

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